Treat yourself to Luxury Tanning at Shake & Bake Tanning. Our salon features extra large beds with as many as 52 lamps covering 4 feet of tanning space for the ultimate in comfort. Enjoy an even all over tan and say good-bye to white sides. Get the healthy glow you love in 7 to 12 minute sessions. We also have a large standup capsule. With such short tan times your minutes will last you almost twice as long as ordinary salons. We take pride in offering competitive no gimmick pricing with no sign up or contract fees. Pamper your skin with a large selection of luxurious aromatic tanning lotions. Enjoy the 'little extras' in each room such as towels, deodorant, wipes, eyewear and candy which we provide to make your experience at Shake & Bake Tanning a great one.
We are located at 904B Esquimalt Road (at Head), Victoria, BC Ph: (250) 389·2244
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